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Wine Flour

The story of a cabernet grape doesn’t end with the vintner’s crush. In fact, it is the skins, after settling with the newly pressed juice, which give cabernet sauvignon its color and much of its character. Any true oenophile can describe this process, from crush to barrel to cellar. But what of the skins and seeds, the “pomace,” which not only imparts flavor to the wine, but also gains flavor in the process?

Well, if dried and milled properly, it becomes a nutritious fragrant flour. High in iron, fiber, and Res-V as well as antioxidants, wine flour is a truly unique healthful way to enjoy another dimension of winemaking.  It also creates a valuable resource out of something often discarded, which is particularly important in our ecologically aware age. 




Amazing flavor combines with the multitude of health benefits that remain in the wine pomace after the juice is extracted.  This includes Resveratrol, a natural anti-oxidant recognized for its significant health benefits particularly in relation to heart diseases and cancer.

Marché Noir incorporates this California-grown Wine Flour into pasta, brownies and other baked goods, but as anyone who likes to cook knows, good food is a group effort.  That's why we also sell the Wine Flour in resealable 10 ounce packages for home chefs and bakers.  You will find ideas and dishes on our recipe page, but the key ingredients is your creativity.  So trust your palate, use your imagination and enjoy!