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If the past decades were all about the bling bling party, custom choppers and extreme custom cakes, then this new era's idea of luxury is... different.  Today's epicurean isn't as much a trophy hunter ("dined there, ate that, on the waiting list there..."), but someone who's looking at gastronomy with a whole new set of values.



How does health mesh with indulgence?  How does culinary craft reconcile with sustainability?  How can a luxurious experience be extracted from relatively humble ingredients that are often overlooked?

At Marché Noir, we approach the epicurean lifestyle from a different angle.  We take a closer look at what's all around and extract flavor and meaning from unexpected places.


When we heard that the grape skins from wine production could be turned into a flour, it was a perfect "Marché Noir" moment.  Sure the wine gets all the attention, all the glory - tasting room and fancy labels and such.  We'll just sneak out the back with the leftovers - "you never saw us 'cause we were never here".  But don't think of it as recycling, think of it as rediscovering something of great value that has always been there, right under our noses.

So whether it's our pasta made with Wine Flour, our Cabernet Brownies or our Cane Sugar "Brittle Couture", you will enjoy an oblique perspective on the epicurean lifestyle with Marché Noir.

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